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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Laura Crooks, Ardingly College Prep.

Apology to the World . Dear World, . I am sorry for ruining your territory, for destroying your forests, for killing your future, for not being honest. . I am sorry for the rhinos, for the horns I took, for the meat I stole, for making it cook. . I am sorry for the panda, …

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L is for Lepus europeaus (Hare) and Leveret

L is for the Latin name for the hare. And L is also for Leveret, the name of a baby hare. This superb image is by Allan Drewitt for Natural England, on Flikr. Hares are very like rabbits, but a lot rarer, and altogether more wild and beautiful. For me, a rabbit sits on the grass, …

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H (number 2) is for Hare

The Corsican or Italian hare prefers grasslands and pastures and is fairly common in some areas but missing or rare in others. It has only relatively recently been shown to be a different species to the European hare. Its population is generally low, and threats to it include the introduction of the European rabbit, predation, …

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