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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Alan Nicholls

This amusing poem arrived about an ant! . Dear Ant, . you bit my ankle, your half-back bit my calf. So when I squash you dead, you bug! Excuse me if I laugh. . © Alan Nicholls

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P is for Pelican

Pelican photo by Richard Taylor on Flikr. . . The name pelican derives from an Ancient Greek word, which itself came from a word meaning ‘axe’. Despite having the biggest beak, up to 1.6 feet, and being the heaviest birds to fly, pelicans are remarkably graceful in the air. They have air bubbles in their …

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Brilliant mockumentary – made me laugh… and cry.

Do watch this if you have ever used a plastic bag. I was researching turtles this morning and came across this ‘mockumentary’ – a spoof documentary of a plastic bag and its lifecycle, filmed as if it’s sentient.     Plastic is building up and breaking down into minute pieces in the sea, the chemicals …

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Mermaid hunting in Bristol

Some of you may have heard that Bristol docks’ water quality has improved a lot in recent years, and is now so clean fish have been seen venturing up into Bristol. But you may not have heard about this… Last Thursday evening in Bristol, I was astonished to be accosted by a clearly unhinged man …

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Paradox Frog

  The paradoxical frog lives in lakes with floating vegetation in South America and Trinidad. Scientists do not know why this frog lays eggs which hatch into huge (up to 27 cm) tadpoles, but which shrink instead of growing into small (4-6 cm) frogs. It is not endangered at the moment. Illustration© Liz Brownlee

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