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k is for Komodo Dragon

Komodo . Komodo dragons live on a few Indonesian Islands, including the one that gives them their name. They are extremely large, aggressive lizards, growing up to 10 feet long. New research suggests that contrary to former opinion, that they grew so large because there was no competition on their isolated islands, they are actually …

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I is for Insect

There are a LOT of insects in the world. Some estimates put the number of living species as 30 million, only 900,000 of which have been described.  They are incredibly important to us – pollinating our crops, feeding us and other creatures, eating up poo- without insects we’d be neck deep in the stuff, breaking …

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H (number 2) is for Hare

The Corsican or Italian hare prefers grasslands and pastures and is fairly common in some areas but missing or rare in others. It has only relatively recently been shown to be a different species to the European hare. Its population is generally low, and threats to it include the introduction of the European rabbit, predation, …

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G is for Giraffe

Luckily only one sub-species of beautiful giraffe is listed as endangered.  Giraffes are the tallest and yet still the most elegant and one of the most graceful animals on earth. They have been around and are in the fossil record for 1.5 million years. Giraffes have incredibly long necks – I suspect you have noticed. …

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C is for Crocodiles!

Oh! So many creatures I could have blogged for the ‘C’ spot. But how could I resist crocodiles? Crocodile are always seen as baddies. It’s true that you cannot look into their eyes and feel any warmth, like you can with orangutans. Also true – they would happily chomp down on your torso, then drown …

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