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T is for Tarsier

Today it’s T for tarsier – a heart-meltingly cute little creature – this one is from the Philippines, an image by Yeowatzup on Flikr. The Philippine tarsier is only 3-6 inches in length (not including its surprisingly long tail) which makes it hard to spot – it’s one of the smallest primates. Tarsiers live on …

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O is for Orangutan

Pregnant orangutan clinging to the last tree in rainforest felled for palm oil ¬† ¬†Caters News Agency. . 80% of the rainforest in Sumatra and Borneo, where orangutans live, has been cut down in the last twenty years. In only ten years time, there will be no orangutans left unless something is done very quickly …

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J for Javan Slow Loris

Slow lorises are beautiful, huge-eyed creatures that live in Indonesian forests in Java. Less than a foot long, they don’t jump through the trees like lemurs or monkeys, but climb slowly using lianas and vines to get from tree to tree. They eat fruit, eggs, lizards, tree gum and chocolate seeds, are seen alone or …

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