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B is for Bombardier Beetle #A-ZChallenge

This great close-up photo of a bombardier beetle is by David Hill on Flikr. Love them or hate them (I love them!), insects are the largest group of organisms on the planet – 900,000 of which have been described by science, leaving an estimated 30,000,000 still to be documented! At any one time there are …

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New Poetry Books (I am in!)

Recently, two rather lovely poetry books have been published, and both of them feature poems by me, so I thought I’d share their stories. The first is this one: I was first approached by John Tennent in May, 2013. He is a global authority on butterflies and a dedicated reader of poetry – and also, …

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Fairy fly

 . Fairy flies are in fact tiny parasitic wasps, the tiniest insects discovered. This one, which lives in India, measures only 0.2mm across its wings. Fairy flies lay their eggs inside the eggs of larger insects. The wasp egg hatches into a larva, which eats the host egg before it has a chance to develop. …

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