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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Josh Barrott

A message to society   Dear society, Why are we racist? Why are we sexist? Why are we discriminatory? Whether you’re black or white, whether male or female, whether you’re North Korean or South Korean We are the same. . Us, who believe in dignity, strength and courage. What matters and makes us different Is …

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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Shauna Darling Robertson

Dear Stars, . We lived among you once. It was brilliant. . Night never fell and no need whatsoever for sixty-watt bulbs or dimmer switches. . There was always a glimmer of hope aglow, eager to grow to a shimmer, a beam. . Mistakes burned up the minute they were made. . Everyone had a …

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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Tim Burroughs

utopia . open eyes warm heart soft touch slow kiss . safe house fresh grass clean air clear sea . positive yes strong no communication always violence never . rhinos with horns orangutans in trees tigers in sanctuary buzzing bees . even heartbeat steady gaze deep breaths no disease . seas falling ice forming cyclones …

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NPD Poem of the Day

.   This message poem comes from Daisy Proctor, age 7, from Bristol: . Sky . I love you sky . The way you shimmer on bright blue days Your lovely blue light . I love you sky . . Daisy Proctor Age 7 . . What a lovely poem, Daisy!     . Poem …

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E is for Elephants

We are beginning to realise that it isn’t just humans who feel emotion. Elephants are a prime example of creatures whose expressions of  emotion have been recorded and studied by scientists and given credence in recent years. Who has not read about the elephants who stop in places where they have lost relatives and friends, …

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C is for Crocodiles!

Oh! So many creatures I could have blogged for the ‘C’ spot. But how could I resist crocodiles? Crocodile are always seen as baddies. It’s true that you cannot look into their eyes and feel any warmth, like you can with orangutans. Also true – they would happily chomp down on your torso, then drown …

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Elephant mother

Elephants communicate with a very deep note which can travel through the ground. After she gives birth, an elephant mother sings a low note of greeting to her baby. Illustration © Liz Brownlee First published in ‘Shouting at the Ocean’ Hands Up Press 2009 This post is copyright material with all rights reserved, please do …

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