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Message to a Murrelet – National Poetry Day Message Poem, Liz Brownlee

Message to a Baby Murrelet . Baby murrelet how will you fare in the wind and sun on the ocean there, . leaving your nest to jump in the surf just one day after your egg-hatched birth? . I follow my parents who call out to me as they ride the swell on the vast, …

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Message to a Murrelet

Here is one of my own poems – the Scripp’s Murrelet chick dives in to the sea less than 24 hours after it has hatched, and having had no food at all. It is hatched fully-feathered and a third of the size of its parents – the murrelet has the largest egg to bird ratio …

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X is for Xantu’s Murrelet

This image from¬†Wiki shows the size of a Xantu’s murrelet (recently¬†renamed Scripp’s murrelet) when it leaves the nest and plunges into the ocean at fewer than 48 hours old, having not been fed, and without being able to fly. It is about 5 inches long: Uniquely, from this moment forward this little chick spends it’s …

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