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TWO National Poetry Day Films!

Another two poems in the series leading up to National Poetry Day on October 8th. The first film is one of our people whose way of life or job is connected to light reading a poem about light. Bob Guscott, photographer, of Clifton Colour, Bristol, reads Writing Light,¬†for a photographer, by Lesley Saunders. Thank you …

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D is for Dung Beetle!

If it wasn’t for dung beetles recycling dung of every description, breaking it down and burying it in the soil, making it available for earthworms and other creatures to break down further, we would be armpit deep in poop, and our land would not be aerated or fertile. When animals such as cattle were imported …

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Bristol Wildlife Festival

I spent all last weekend¬†at the Bristol Wildlife Festival as part of Bristol ‘Big Green Week’. And what fun it was. Bristol Wildlife Festival is a joint venture between Avon Wildlife Trust, The BBC, Bristol City Council, Bristol Zoo, the National Trust, University of Bristol and University of the West of England, defra, Wildlife and …

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