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U is for Uhler’s Sundragon

Photo by Matt Tillett on Flikr. . Uhler’s sundragon is a rare dragonfly that lives in the eastern U.S and Canada. Not much is known about its lifecycle, but it is seen most often flying very quickly along the banks of fast-moving streams. Dragonflies have incredible abilities to fly up, down, backwards and forwards and …

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N is for Night Heron

Night Heron photo by Paruula on Flikr. . Black-crowned night herons do not look quite like other herons, they have the typical hunched posture, but with shorter necks and legs, which makes their body look stockier.  However when they hunt they extend their neck and look more heron-like. They have a black shadow on their heads …

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M is for Moth – Moon Moth

Photo by © John Saxon on Flikr. . . The luna moth lives in North America. It is a beautiful, huge, pale-green moth, 4.2 inches across, but is seldom seen as it only flies at night. Caterpillars feed on a variety of plants including walnut, birch, alder and, rather appropriately, Moonflower leaves. The moth makes …

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J is for Jaguar

Photo of Jaguar by Jannick Turbe on Flikr. . . Jaguars are the largest cat in South America, and are now mainly confined to the Amazon basin. Formerly they used to roam as far north as the US/Mexico border. They have the most beautiful coats – golden light marked with black rosettes. Unlike most other …

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F is for Flying Squirrel

. This lovely creature is a Southern Flying Squirrel – this photo is by Leah and if you click the picture you can see her other photos on Flikr. . . Here is a pet one in flight on Wiki: . . These little squirrels have a furry membrane that stretches from their wrists to their ankles, which allows …

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