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U is for Underwater

This photo was taken by the fabulously talented Stefan Siebert, who has kindly given me permission to show it here. It is an extraordinarily beautiful creature, a tiny (about 5mm) underwater crustacean. It is a species of Sapphirina copepod – in the same family as woodlice and crabs. They are usually invisible. Until that is, they catch the …

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F is for Fish (Seahorses!)

Seahorses are unusual fish – they breathe through gills and have a swim bladder, but they have no scales, instead a bony exoskeleton. They also have a neck and long, flexible, prehensile tail – things that other fish don’t have! This photo taken by Prilfish on Flikr is how most people picture seahorses: However, seahorses’ bony …

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Brilliant mockumentary – made me laugh… and cry.

Do watch this if you have ever used a plastic bag. I was researching turtles this morning and came across this ‘mockumentary’ – a spoof documentary of a plastic bag and its lifecycle, filmed as if it’s sentient.     Plastic is building up and breaking down into minute pieces in the sea, the chemicals …

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