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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Charlotte White

Message to an Iceberg . Dear Iceberg . I have to tell you, it is us we are making all the fuss . We know you’re melting however people are belching out with smoke . We know you’re meant to be cold and we’re way to bold . It’s not right that you are dying …

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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Ben Metcalfe

Dear Penguins, . We’ve been trying to help you By stopping pollution and CO2 which has been killing you I hope it’s not too late . We’ve spoilt your habitat By spilling oil and dumping rubbish We’ve polluted the sea and killed the fish I hope it’s not too late . from Ben Metcalfe . …

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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Toby Hendrikse

Apology to a Polar Bear . Sorry Polar Bear I am very sorry, Polar Bear that we’re destroying your snowy lair, making it a struggle to raise your cubs while we sit back looking like mugs. . Sorry Polar Bear Your powerful legs take you a long way while your cubs sit and lay waiting …

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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Sam Harvey, Ardingly College Prep.

The Water of Death . The water of death it cannot be better. Friends, family, everything gone, so I swim alone, wishing, hoping. . The water of death not to see in the dark not to see my loved ones again trying to dodge the endless trash . The water of death everywhere I look …

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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Jack Tucker

The Message from a Whale . Dear World, This is my story. My pod of ten, playing around eating anything near us. Then there was trouble, our number decreased. . Ten left, nine eight . the boats came, whizzing over us. Harpoons hit the water took my mum, blood spilling everywhere . Seven Six Five …

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T is for Turtle

Image © US Fisheries and Wildlife, Becky Skiba on Flikr. . There are loggerhead turtles swimming in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans and in the Mediterranean Sea. They spend most of their time in the water – only the females come to land just for the short time it takes to dig a hole …

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F is for Fish

Fish. They are not what you’d think of immediately, if someone mentions endangered animals. And of course, keeping track of the  fish and sea creature populations is very hard. But sometimes it’s easy to know that a species is endangered – cod for instance, when fishermen catch fewer and fewer and smaller and smaller specimens. …

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