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Panda by Liz Brownlee

Another video shot a few years ago in the snow… in front of the entirely appropriate bamboo!   .

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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Laura Crooks, Ardingly College Prep.

Apology to the World . Dear World, . I am sorry for ruining your territory, for destroying your forests, for killing your future, for not being honest. . I am sorry for the rhinos, for the horns I took, for the meat I stole, for making it cook. . I am sorry for the panda, …

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A Panda from Tenerife

This morning I received a panda in the post – complete with bamboo to keep him going on the long journey from Tenerife to the possibly-soon-not-quite-as-United Kingdom. A lovely writing friend crocheted him, thank you Liz Young, and for the update that he is crocheted, not knitted! He is gorgeous, and will I’m sure enjoy his time …

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