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National Poetry Day 2020, Shadow Places by Jan Dean, read by Megan Matthews.

This poem was filmed as part of a Family Poetry Exhibition for Bristol Poetry Festival, all material for which is still available.

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A Vision Poem for National Poetry Day by John Dougherty!

Here’s something a little different – a video without me in! This was filmed a while ago in a different world when poets could get together and we could film them reading poems! This is the wonderful John Dougherty and Pink!

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Alaskan Wood Frog – video

I’ve been looking through some of the films of me reading my poems. This is me reading Alaskan Wood Frog, available in my book, ¬†Animal Magic. Filmed a few years ago, when we had snow!  

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Gerard Manley Hopkins Poem read by Chris Packham for National Poetry Day

The Windhover:¬†To Christ our Lord by Gerard Manley Hopkins, read by Chris Packham  

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Daisy’s Sky Message Poem Video for National Poetry Day

  Lovely Daisy Proctor, age 7, reading her poem for National Poetry Day

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