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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Darcey Frankland

Message to the Rainforest – I Will Try . Dear rainforest, I will try to stop them cutting you down, it won’t be easy, people treat you like a clown. I will write to the government, king and queen, even if you are starting to lean. . I will try to let the birds have …

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Z is for Zetek’s Treefrog

This brilliant photo of this little treefrog was taken by Dr Robert Puschendorf, Lecturer in Conservation Biology at Plymouth University, and is used by permission. Here it is again, peeking out from a bromeliad, so you can see where it lives – this gorgeous photo was taken by Andreas Hertz and is also used by permission: These are …

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G is for Gorilla

The image above was not taken in the wild, it is taken at Bergen Zoo by Sabine Bresser, of N’Gayla, a gorilla who unexpectedly gave birth to twins, one boy, one girl, a very rare event for gorillas. I chose it because of her incredibly proud smile. She is, reportedly, a happy character. Gorillas are …

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V is for Viper

Eyelash pit viper image by Geoff Gallice on Flikr. . . Eyelash Pit Viper Eyelash pit vipers are beautiful snakes that come in a variety of colours. They live in tropical rainforest, montane forest and cloud forest in Central and northern South America. They are arboreal, and ambush prey – they wait hidden under leaves, …

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