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Truth Poem for National Poetry Day – The Refugee

Poem by Liz Brownlee, read by Liz Brownlee, thank you to Chris Riddell for the illustration.

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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Laura Crooks, Ardingly College Prep.

Apology to the World . Dear World, . I am sorry for ruining your territory, for destroying your forests, for killing your future, for not being honest. . I am sorry for the rhinos, for the horns I took, for the meat I stole, for making it cook. . I am sorry for the panda, …

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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Luke Elphick, 12, Ardingly College Prep.

Bang . Bang At once I am holding my family Bang At once I see red Bang All I can hear is screaming . walking All I see is houses, rejected Walking I see children lying in a bath of blood Walking I can feel the bed which I lay on my feet . Crying …

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Authors for Refugees

I’m taking a break from National Poetry Day to let you know about this exciting event: Fiona Dunbar, author of excellent middle grade¬†books, has masterminded and organised an event called Authors for Refugees. Information from that page: “This is an online auction to provide urgent aid to refugees held in camps around Europe, and to …

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