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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Laura Crooks, Ardingly College Prep.

Apology to the World . Dear World, . I am sorry for ruining your territory, for destroying your forests, for killing your future, for not being honest. . I am sorry for the rhinos, for the horns I took, for the meat I stole, for making it cook. . I am sorry for the panda, …

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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Charlie Williams

Dear rhino . I’m so sorry you’re dying, and I know some of us are trying, you get shot for your horns, but you are such a fighter, with your brown leather skin and your big, floppy tail, you should live to fight, and be king of the world. We shouldn’t be king over you. …

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National Poetry Day Message Poem from a Rhino by Liz Brownlee

Message From a Rhino . Who am I, in the dust dripping blood, built like stone from elephant grass, and cooled by mud? . Who am I, dripping blood down my chin, shot through my shields of mosaic skin? . Who am I, dripping blood, face hacked and sawn? Who am I, who am I, …

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R is for Rhinoceros

Image © International Rhino Foundation on Flikr. . All five rhino species still around (Black, White, Indian, Sumatran, Javan) are in extreme peril – from poaching, habitat loss and from humans encroaching on their habitat with settlements. There are only 35 Javan rhino left. What prompted me to write the poem above was seeing a terrible …

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J is for Javan Rhinoceros

Javan Rhino Some time ago I was Googling and was horrified by a photograph I saw of a rhinoceros with its horn hacked off – its face a gaping wound, it stood, a dejected, beaten animal. It had to be put down. I just have not been able to put the image out of my …

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