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M is for Children’s Poets Roger McGough, Trevor Millum, Michaela Morgan, Brian Moses, Cheryl Moskowitz, and Laura Mucha, #AtoZChallenge #ZtoA

Laura Mucha . Laura Mucha Laura Mucha worked as a face painter, studied flying trapeze, philosophy and psychology, and swam in Antarctica before becoming a lawyer. Now she spends most of her time playing with words. Her poetry has been published in books, magazines and newspapers around the world, and she’s performed on BBC Radio, …

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Clippa (CLPE) Poetry Award!

I received a wonderful invitation to go and see the announcement of the CLIPPA 2015 – the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education Poetry Award, on 16th July. This prestigious award is tragically the only one given to an author for a children’s poetry book, or an editor for a children’s anthology. The ceremony was held …

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