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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Jack Tucker

The Message from a Whale . Dear World, This is my story. My pod of ten, playing around eating anything near us. Then there was trouble, our number decreased. . Ten left, nine eight . the boats came, whizzing over us. Harpoons hit the water took my mum, blood spilling everywhere . Seven Six Five …

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U is for Umbrella Jelly

This is a short Youtube video of delicate and beautiful umbrella jellyfish, or ‘umbrella jellies’ which is the preferred term, as they are not actually fish, and their magical water dancing. Uploaded by Aquarium of the Pacific. These tiny little jellies’ Latin name is Eutonia indicans, and they are at the most 1 inch in diameter. Being …

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R is for Rockhopper Penguin

Rockhopper penguins are not like other penguins – they live on rocky, inhospitable places, mainly around the antarctic, so inhospitable these penguins have no land predators. Here is a wonderful picture of one by Robert Orr: As well as being the kookiest-looking penguin, their behaviour is different. They do not slide around the place on icy floes, and neither do …

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P is for Pom Pom Cheerleading Crab

Oh! This little 2 inch crab is so beautiful, and so clever. This is a pom pom or cheerleading crab, endemic to Hawaii, in a photo by Hechtonicus: Pom pom crabs are tiny, about 2 inches wide, and they are inedible. They are not heavily armoured crabs – their carapaces aren’t strong, their legs are delicate. They have …

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M is for Marine Iguana

This wonderful image of two marine iguanas on Espanola in the Galapagos Islands was taken by Vince Smith, and is on Flikr. Marine iguanas are fascinating animals, and there are two extraordinary facts about them. The first is that they are the world’s only marine lizards. Because there were no mammalian predators (until more recently) they …

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