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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Ben Metcalfe

Dear Penguins, . We’ve been trying to help you By stopping pollution and CO2 which has been killing you I hope it’s not too late . We’ve spoilt your habitat By spilling oil and dumping rubbish We’ve polluted the sea and killed the fish I hope it’s not too late . from Ben Metcalfe . …

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O is for Octopus

I adore octopuses – the most intelligent of invertebrates, their intelligence rivals that of the most intelligent primates. Here is a fabulous painting of one by Dru Marland – this is from a rather wonderful, fully illustrated book of poems, Inking Bitterns, available only from Gert Macky which I highly recommend, not just because I’m …

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J is for Jelly-ish

This incredible photo is by Henry Jager on Flikr. It is of a chain of jelly-like salps – such beautiful creatures, which can appear like pulsating jewelled necklaces in the water. They look very like jellyfish and propel themselves in much the same way, contracting their tube-like structure and expelling water behind them, in fact they have …

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