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AtoZChallenge; N is for Now That I Really Think About It, by Shauna Darling-Robertson

Shauna Darling Robertson’s poems for adults and children have been set to music, performed by actors, displayed on buses, turned into short films, made into comic art, hung on a pub wall and published in a variety of magazines and anthologies. Shauna also makes artwork and loves working with other writers, artists, musicians and film-makers …

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D is for Children’s Poets Shauna Darling Robertson, Jan Dean, Rebecca Kai Dotlich and John Dougherty, #AtoZChallenge #ZtoA

John Dougherty . John Dougherty John Dougherty is probably best known as the writer of around 30 books for children, (including the STINKBOMB & KETCHUP FACE series) but he has also been writing poems and songs since his teens. His first poetry collection, Dinosaurs & Dinner-Ladies, illustrated by Tom Morgan-Jones, was published in 2016, and …

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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Shauna Darling Robertson

Dear Stars, . We lived among you once. It was brilliant. . Night never fell and no need whatsoever for sixty-watt bulbs or dimmer switches. . There was always a glimmer of hope aglow, eager to grow to a shimmer, a beam. . Mistakes burned up the minute they were made. . Everyone had a …

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