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Be the Change – Global Climate Action Day

This is a scheduled post. Today is Global Climate Action Day – and I will be taking action by marching in Bristol with our young people to protest the government’s inaction, and all governments’ inaction on this issue. On the subject of sustainability, Be the Change has arrived, in the form of my, Matt Goodfellow …

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Alaskan Wood Frog – video

I’ve been looking through some of the films of me reading my poems. This is me reading Alaskan Wood Frog, available in my book, ¬†Animal Magic. Filmed a few years ago, when we had snow!  

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A-Z in April blog challenge – Alaskan wood frog!

Alaskan Wood Frog Amazing Alaskan wood frogs – they live in Alaska, obviously, and are attractive, unremarkable-looking, greeny-brown frogs about 3- 7cm in size. But they have an extraordinary ability. As it becomes colder, they burrow under leaves and mosses, and when it begins to snow and then freeze – Alaskan wood frogs freeze too! …

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Animal Magic

My book, Animal Magic, will be published in April. It contains more than 40 poems and facts about endangered animals, beautifully illustrated by Bristol artist, Rose Sanderson.The foreword is by Dr George McGavin, insect and small animal expert on ‘The One Show’ and ‘Expedition’ series on the BBC. If you’d like a copy, you can …

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