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Skylark, read by me, animated by Nick Hales

Found this as I was looking through my poem films – hope you enjoy it!  

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N is for Nightingale

This wonderful image of a nightingale singing at night was taken by Derek Thomas on Flikr. The nightingale, although beautiful, is an unremarkable little bird, pale brown in colour. It is seldom seen in the open, it is shy and tends to stay hidden in leafy trees and shrubbery. A member of the thrush family, like …

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Elephant mother

Elephants communicate with a very deep note which can travel through the ground. After she gives birth, an elephant mother sings a low note of greeting to her baby. Illustration © Liz Brownlee First published in ‘Shouting at the Ocean’ Hands Up Press 2009 This post is copyright material with all rights reserved, please do …

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