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J is for Jaguar

One of the most beautiful, golden cats has to be the jaguar. Here is a brilliant photo by Diriye Amey on Flikr, of a jaguar in the wild at Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa.   Jaguar . She moves as smooth as shadow clouds and leaves the ground as still, . her skin is …

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E is for Elephant

This gorgeous image of a mother and baby elephant was taken by Mara 1 on Flikr. The more I read about elephants the more amazed I am by the stories and scientific evidence that shows they one of the most highly intelligent, empathetic, loving, noble and social creatures in the world. Elephants are the largest …

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Z is for zebra duiker

The last animal in my endangered animal A-Z is the zebra duiker. It’s a dainty, South African antelope, with 12-15 black stripes down its gold to copper-brown back. The word ‘duiker’ in Afrikaans means diver – it was named after the swift dive into undergrowth it makes when disturbed. This little ungulate has a very hard …

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