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V is for Viper

Eyelash pit viper image by Geoff Gallice on Flikr. . . Eyelash Pit Viper Eyelash pit vipers are beautiful snakes that come in a variety of colours. They live in tropical rainforest, montane forest and cloud forest in Central and northern South America. They are arboreal, and ambush prey – they wait hidden under leaves, …

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J is for Jaguar

Photo of Jaguar by Jannick Turbe on Flikr. . . Jaguars are the largest cat in South America, and are now mainly confined to the Amazon basin. Formerly they used to roam as far north as the US/Mexico border. They have the most beautiful coats – golden light marked with black rosettes. Unlike most other …

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W is for Wolf

Taken by Spencer77 on Flikr, permission granted, link to his photos here. . Maned wolves look like foxes with foal legs – and they are not wolves at all. They are related more closely to an ancient dog ancestor which also gave rise to types of South American foxes. Their legs look out of proportion …

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