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New Book!

Published by Macmillan

I’m very much looking forward to April 1st; not a day I normally think of quite so warmly, as usually that’s the day I am bamboozled and baffplussed by ridiculous statements from otherwise excellent sources.

But THIS April the 1st is the publication date of this beautiful book, Shaping the World, the first anthology I have edited. It is full of poems and facts about people who have helped shaped the world, twenty women and twenty men, and each poem is in the shape of its subject.

Nearer the time I’ll post a taster of what’s inside! But I am very excited about it!


  1. Anonymous

    This sounds really interesting. Looking forward to being able to welcome you back to Chewton when we are able. Jess Thompsett


    • Hello! What a wonderful thought. I am available for Zooms!


  2. Looking forward to seeing who you’ve chosen!

    I swerved 1st April, and have Messenger Misadventures coming out on the 8th 🙂 That’s Dylan & Co ❤ If my nine-year old beta readers get back to me in time…


  3. I look forward to reading it, Liz XX


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