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Poets Write Where They Can… The Video!

. Many years ago, poet Roger Stevens invited other children’s poets to take part in a poetry retreat in Shropshire. I wasn’t a new poet at the time, I was fairly well published, but I didn’t know many other children’s poets at all. I was rather shy of meeting them. But I decided to go – …

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One Minute Till Bedtime

This gorgeous book is due to be published in two weeks in the UK – out a few weeks in the States, it has already garnered prestigious starred reviews from Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and School Library Journal. Along with many wonderful other poets – I have a poem inside. It’s an utterly engaging book, the poems collected by …

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New Poetry Books (I am in!)

Recently, two rather lovely poetry books have been published, and both of them feature poems by me, so I thought I’d share their stories. The first is this one: I was first approached by John Tennent in May, 2013. He is a global authority on butterflies and a dedicated reader of poetry – and also, …

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Society of Authors Conference

A lovely meeting of like-minds at the Society of Authors conference this last weekend was as usual thoroughly enjoyable. This year we met at Bath University. We were welcomed by author, editor, translator and Chair of the Society of Authors, Daniel Hahn, and author, wearer of snazzy shirts and Chair of the Children’s Writers’ and Illustrators’ Group, …

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National Poetry Day!

Today is National Poetry Day (I may have mentioned this once or twice, before!). The theme is ‘Remember’ – and Peter my editor husband and I have made a film of animal poetry readings by well-known poets, called ‘Remember the Animals’. Today I went to QEH school in Bristol to read poems about animals and workshop, …

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More Lola with famous authors at the Society of Authors’ Children’s Writers’ Conference

Lola (and I) met author/artist Shoo Rayner, illustrator of Rose Impey’s ‘Animal Crackers’ books, whose new book Euclid, the Man who invented Geometry is wowing 21st century children RIGHT NOW! There are loads of videos on YouTube by Shoo, showing you how to draw practically anything in easy stages – this is his one on …

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