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As well as enjoying promoting poetry for National Poetry Day in my role as a National Poetry Day Ambassador, I also appear at schools, libraries, literary and nature festivals, speak at teachers’ conferences, and organise poetry retreats, events and exhibitions.

If you would like to employ me to come in and inspire your children, with or without my Poetry Immersion Kit, or as your patron of reading, or Poet in Residence, get in contact!

Liz Brownlee

Website here.

Poetry Roundabout Blog here.

Twitter here, @lizpoet

Email: poetliz @

Useful Poetry Information:

Children’s Poetry Summit Twitter @kidspoetsummit

These are my books:

Animal Magic, by Liz Brownlee. Beautifully illustrated by Rose Sanderson, poems about endangered animals with fun facts and endangered status.

Reaching the Stars, Poems about Extraordinary Women and Girls, poems about amazing women through the ages up until now. Each woman or girl is placed in time and situation. From Khutulun, Mongolian Warrier Princess, through Rosa Parks, Malala to some young women of today, making a difference. space women, Scientists, Zoologists, Spies - they all changed the world!

The Same Inside - Poems about Empathy and Friendship. Many springboards for talking about difficult subjects for both parents and teachers. A book about tolerance, anti-bullying, kindness and empathy.

Apes to Zebras, An A-Z of Animal Shape Poems. A extraordinary book full of poems in the shapes of the animals they are about. Great fun and educational.

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