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Monthly Archives: May, 2012

Mermaid hunting in Bristol

Some of you may have heard that Bristol docks’ water quality has improved a lot in recent years, and is now so clean fish have been seen venturing up into Bristol. But you may not have heard about this… Last Thursday evening in Bristol, I was astonished to be accosted by a clearly unhinged man …

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Animal Magic book launch

WOW! Last night was the best book launch ever. Obviously I am a tad biased as it was my book launch, but even so it was fabulous! 80-ish people and 50 books bought. Poets, writers, family and friends and the publisher travelled from all over to come for just one hour, I am so grateful …

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A-Z Reflections

I started blogging 6 weeks ago. And a week after that, my attention was drawn to the A-Z blogger challenge on the Writers’ News Talkback website. My book was due to be published, I had a gazillion things to do, and like an insane woman I decided to also take on the A-Z Challenge. And …

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