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Monthly Archives: August, 2016

NPD Poem of the Day – It’s Not My Fault, by Roger Stevens, Read by Sam Decie

Today we were sent this fabulous reading by Sam Decie, aged 8, of Roger Stevens’ wonderful poem, It’s Not My Fault. This poem can be found in the poetry book It’s Not My Fault, Bloomsbury. . . . Well done, Sam! . Poem and film © Roger Stevens

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Forward Prizes for my NPD Poetry COMPETITION winners

    Forward Arts Foundation have very generously donated copies of their new book for winners of my National Poetry Day Message Poem competition! Do you have a message for the world? Get out your pencils and pens and say it with a poem! National Poetry Day this year is on October 6th. The theme is …

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Message to a Murrelet

Here is one of my own poems – the Scripp’s Murrelet chick dives in to the sea less than 24 hours after it has hatched, and having had no food at all. It is hatched fully-feathered and a third of the size of its parents – the murrelet has the largest egg to bird ratio …

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45 Days until National Poetry Day!

Are you a poet? There are only 45 days until National Poetry Day, and this year the theme is ‘Messages’. Do you have a message for the planet, or an animal? Could you write a message poem from an animal, or habitat, or the world, to humanity? I am collecting message poems of this type …

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NPD Poem of the Day, The Ballad of Refuge by David Punter

Poem of the Day comes from David Punter of Bristol: . The Ballad of Refuge . I come in fear. The wheels, the stuttering engine, By road or wave; the endless killing payments. Bit by bit, my mind returns to rubble. . You come in fear. The hunched back, failed bravado, They make me squirm. …

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NPD Poem of the Day – Dear Earth, by Daisy Proctor, age 7

. Another lovely poem sent in by poet Daisy Proctor: . Dear Earth . I will miss the forest owlet’s big eyes. . I will miss The Fire-crown’s long beak. . I will miss The cute Malabar Civet. . I will miss the Iberian Lynx My favourite. . The Hawaiian crow as black as Halloween …

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NPD Poem of the Day by Brenda Harsham

    . Poem of the day comes from Brenda Davis Harsham from Massachusetts: . This is just to say… . Thank you, Earth that held tight trees bent to their knees in hurricane winds and . that imprints time itself on gorges, stone and shelf, in the language of fossil hieroglyphics. . Thank you, …

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