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X is for Xenarthra – Armadillos

Xenarthra is a superorder of animals, the word literally means ‘strange joints’ or joints that have unusual articulation, and animals this includes are Folivra (sloths etc.), Pilosa (anteaters etc.) and Angulata (armadillos etc.). I’m going to do the pink fairy armadillo,  because someone asked me to, on one of my first posts, and the hairy, screaming …

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A is for Armadillo – hairy and screaming!

. . The screaming, hairy armadillo, Chaetophractus vellerosus, is a small (about 14.5 inches) burrowing armadillo from central and southern South America. If startled or picked up, this little creature emits piercing cries, thought to be a defence mechanism. It lives in many habitats where it is possible to burrow, and is omnivorous, eating insects, vertebrates …

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