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O is for Octopus

I adore octopuses – the most intelligent of invertebrates, their intelligence rivals that of the most intelligent primates. Here is a fabulous painting of one by Dru Marland – this is from a rather wonderful, fully illustrated book of poems, Inking Bitterns, available only from Gert Macky which I highly recommend, not just because I’m …

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D is for Dolphin

Hands up who doesn’t like dolphins? They are one of the best-loved creatures on the planet – maybe for their intelligence, maybe their friendliness – maybe for their smile. Here is my dolphin poem on the Forward Arts Foundation website: I’ve made this poem into a shape, which you can see here – not terribly …

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V is for Viper

Eyelash pit viper image by Geoff Gallice on Flikr. . . Eyelash Pit Viper Eyelash pit vipers are beautiful snakes that come in a variety of colours. They live in tropical rainforest, montane forest and cloud forest in Central and northern South America. They are arboreal, and ambush prey – they wait hidden under leaves, …

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E is for Elephant

On the National Geographic site, ‘A Voice For Elephants’, Daphne Sheldrick, who has worked with elephants for many years,  says: “Elephants share the same emotions as ourselves, with a strong sense of family and the same sense of death. Like us they mourn the loss of loved ones. Each has an individual personality just like us. …

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