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A Message Poem for National Poetry Day by Debbie Singh

This poem was sent to me for National Poetry Day – it cannot be entered for my NPD competition as it is not a message from someone or something to someone or something to do with the natural world… but it is a very poignant poem, so in this one instance, I’m posting it here.


A Message to a Time Tunnel


Dear time tunnel

Carry this precious cargo

Of written words

Back to my younger self

In a carefree world


Make sure I heed the warning

Not introduce it to a kitchen bin

Nor let teenage arrogance

Laugh at it aloud

Then dismiss it without backward glance


Make sure I listen. Make sure I understand.

The complications of ignoring

The consequences of inaction

The devastation of metaphorical blindness

Which sorrow will sanction


Send the message loud and clear

The death of our brother is so, so near


Oh warning words, be loud with force

Be heard, be felt, be insistent,

Stop the suicide that ruined lives, make it not a start or a last

Stop the dominos from starting the fall

For a better future, you must change the past


You, words, are mightier than a sword,

Restore the sibling umbilical cord.


Over and out.



© Debbie Singh

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