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E is for Shirin Ebadi – first Iranian to win a Nobel Peace Prize #AtoZ Challenge

Shirin-Ebadi, in Amsterdam, 2011 image by Persian-Dutch Network


Shirin Ebadi was born on 21st June, 1947 in Iran.

As well as being an Iranian lawyer, a judge and human rights activist, she was also the founder of the Defenders of Human Rights Centre in Iran.

Ebadi was the first Iranian to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for her tireless work in the fields of democracy and human rights. She was a fierce advocate of  women’s, children’s, and refugee rights. 

Ebadi has lived in the UK as an exile since June 2009 due to the persecution of Iranian citizens who are critical of the current regime.

She is a brave and extraordinary woman to be sure.


The Nature of Courage


Who will extend a word

for those that cannot speak?


Who will extend a word,

for the powerless, the weak?


Who will extend a hand,

to those that have no rights?


Who will extend that hand

and despite fear, stand, and fight?


If not you?


© Liz Brownlee

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  1. Thank you. This is one I’ll keep.


  2. You blog is compulsory reading – especially with this series!
    Jemima has an Environmental haiku today


    • I like the sound of that, Jemima!

      Have to say i’m finding this way of doing the A-Z very hard. I can’t post on most blogs so have to go and use another computer to do the blogger ones, and even posting on all the sites is so long-winded!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Much to admire.


  4. Hi Liz! I really like the idea of your theme for this year´s Challenge. It is informative and inspiring. Thanks for sharing this! I would like to invite you to read my post for the day´s challenge. Would love to know your thoughts on it.


    • Hello, Tina, thank you, sorry didn’t answer before I’m having internet problems and have a small time here that it seems to be working, can’t visit but will on Sunday when mended!


  5. Inspiring story long list of achievements she has
    Thanks for sharing Enjoy to the core -The Second Trimester of Pregnancy


  6. What a courageous lady and your poem makes one think and hope we can be as braves as she


  7. Thea O'Brian

    I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing it.



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