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National Poetry Day 2017 – Free the Poem Event, Exeter Library!


I had a finger operation a couple of weeks ago, so National Poetry Day/Week was a little quieter this year for me.

However I spent all day, on the day, retweeting National Poetry Day tweets from all and sundry – both as myself, @lizpoet, and on behalf of The Children’s Poetry Summit – @kidspoetsummit. Do follow if you are interested in children’s poetry, lots of information on there!

I also posted many poems on my alter-ego blog, PoetryRoundabout. Lots of children’s poetry info, poems, interviews with other poets, competitions etc. on there, too.

However, I did go to Exeter Literary Festival with Jan Dean (one of my fellow authors for Reaching the stars) to have a fun filled National Poetry Day event – Free a Poem, with the giant magnets.

Many poems were freed, both by children and adults.

Here are Jan and I (and Lola), working very hard while  poets poet behind us…

With it in the offing, many poems had a hint of Halloween – I particularly liked this one, from Megan:

Some were even darker, but without a Halloween element:

Some people just wrote lines…

While others just hugged a word:

The poetry puzzle was as usual consistently popular with all ages:

Jan made little booklets with ‘Fly Free’ stamped on the front, for people to write their poem down, or sometimes Jan wrote it down, for them to take home.

All in all, a wonderful poeting day!

I’m leaving you with my favourite poem of the day, by Oliver:


All poems copyright of the respective authors.


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