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The Same Inside – Published Today!


Writing this with Roger Stevens and Matt Goodfellow was interesting and great fun – also quite hard work!

The Same Inside is a book of poems about empathy, tolerance, diversity, friendship, respect and kindness, touching on bullying, disability, and many other current situations and problems children may be facing. It provides plenty of springboards for teachers to talk about difficult subjects.

Already in receipt of two excellent reviews, this book plugs a big hole in the market, and also supports the SMSC and British values requirements of the curriculum.

If you’d like a reading and workshop, please contact me: lizpoet @

We are very excited about this book, and love the cover!




  1. Congratulations, Liz – I look forward to reading this.


  2. Thea O'Brian

    Congratulations to you Liz!


  3. Love the cover!


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