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AtoZChallenge; G is for Matt Goodfellow

Matt Goodfellow (links to What Poetry Offers in the Classroom) is a poet and National Poetry Day Ambassador. His most recent collections are The Same Inside (Macmillan 2018), written with Liz Brownlee and Roger Stevens, and his solo collection, Chicken on the Roof  illustrated by Hanna Asen (Otter Barry 2018). He visits schools, libraries and festivals to deliver high-energy, fun-filled poetry performances and workshops. His new book, Be the Change, Poems about Sustainability, written with Roger Stevens and Liz Brownlee (me!), is out in August. Matt’s website is here.

Matt sent this beautiful poem from Chicken on the Roof, saying: “I wrote it for my mum, who died nearly 20 years ago, as a reminder to her, and myself, that memories live on. I hear and see echoes of her wherever I go.”


Still There


I see you near the river,

half-extinguished by the mist.


I see you in the summer fields

where dandelions drift.


I see you through the stubble plains,

autumn at your back.


I see you on the skyline

when night is winter black.


I follow you down shadow-lanes

where memories still pass.


I walk within your footsteps,

haloed in the morning grass.


© Matt Goodfellow


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  1. Very touching…


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