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A-Z Reflections 2016

Thank you very much to my readers! Some of the photos from the animals featured this year. And me, with Lola. I thoroughly enjoyed my April A-Z 2016 challenge, which was number 5 for me. I really hope everyone enjoyed the fun (but real!) animal facts and poems – plus the fabulous images. The photos above are a …

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X is for Xantu’s Murrelet

This image from Wiki shows the size of a Xantu’s murrelet (recently renamed Scripp’s murrelet) when it leaves the nest and plunges into the ocean at fewer than 48 hours old, having not been fed, and without being able to fly. It is about 5 inches long: Uniquely, from this moment forward this little chick spends it’s …

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Animal A-Z Challenge 2016!

Hello, I’m Liz, that’s my MDD assistance dog, Lola with me, welcome to my Animal A-Z Challenge 2016! Every day for all of April, except for Sundays, I will be posting a blog about a different endangered animal. Having said that I get so into it sometimes I do an ‘extra’ animal on Sundays! Luckily, without …

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