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Madagascan Robber Moth

Time for a poetry video! This is about an amazing moth that was discovered in a Madagascan forest, at night, and which has only been seen once since. There are specialised moths that feed on tears of animals that can’t brush them away, but one has never been seen on a bird before.

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Snow Leopard, by Liz Brownlee

Snow leopards live high in the mountain ranges of central and southern Asia in the winter, and even higher in the summer. Their coats are extremely warm, and at rest they wrap their 1 metre-long tails around themselves to keep out the chill. They are the most beautiful of big cats; there is no record …

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G is for Gibbon

  This incredible image of a lar gibbon leaping is by Tontan Travel on Flikr. Gibbons are lightweight apes, lacking a tail, and are related to chimps, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans, and humans. Of all the non-human apes, they move bipedally (upright) most frequently. An estimated 10% of their time is spent moving along branches on two feet, …

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D is for Dugong

This wonderful picture of an amiable, gentle, slow, inoffensive dugong was taken by Christian Haugen on Flikr. Dugong and their relatives, manatees, both in the order sirenia, are the only completely vegetarian sea creatures. They eat by uprooting whole sea grasses from the ocean floor, detecting them using the bristles on their upper lip, and leave distinctive …

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National Poetry Day!

Today is National Poetry Day (I may have mentioned this once or twice, before!). The theme is ‘Remember’ – and Peter my editor husband and I have made a film of animal poetry readings by well-known poets, called ‘Remember the Animals’. Today I went to QEH school in Bristol to read poems about animals and workshop, …

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