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Advance Poetry Retreat 2015

Every year, I have the enormous pleasure of getting together with a group of children’s poets. This was organised in the beginning by Roger Stevens, after talking to Brian Moses about how isolated children’s poets are. Roger decided to invite a group of children’s poets to a retreat so they could meet. That is how I found …

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‘eclectic IRON’, Seaside Festival

My publisher, Peter Mortimer at Iron Press, invited me to read at the ‘eclectic Iron‘ Seaside Festival of Words, Music and Oddities. The last (IRON AGE) festival, celebrating 30 continuous years of publishing by Iron Press, was called by author David Almond ‘the best blooming festival I’ve ever been to’. So we knew we were in …

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Save Liverpool Libraries!

Can there be anything more important or more of a sign of our democracy than a building that contains refuge, learning, opportunity, help, advice, warmth, somewhere to look for job opportunities, apply to college or university, find books to learn how to fix your tap, build a wall, write a successful job application, make origami …

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Animal Magic book launch

WOW! Last night was the best book launch ever. Obviously I am a tad biased as it was my book launch, but even so it was fabulous! 80-ish people and 50 books bought. Poets, writers, family and friends and the publisher travelled from all over to come for just one hour, I am so grateful …

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