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National Poetry Day Poem of the Day – Thank You World

A Message Poem of the Day from Sandi Leibowitz:


Thank You, World


Thank you, Sky, for wind and cloud,

breezes quiet, thunder loud.

Thank you for the moon at night,

for rain and for the sun so bright.


Thank you, Sea, for foam and sand,

waves that rush to meet the land,

starfish, seaweed, seals at play,

coral reef and palm-fringed bay.  


Thank you Earth, for mountains high,

for rivers long and deserts dry,

for redwoods, violets, apples, too,

for grass so green and morning dew.


Thank you for the iceberg’s chill,

cherry’s sweetness, skylark’s trill.

Thank you for each glittering star.

Thank you, World, for all you are.  


© Sandi Leibowitz

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