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National Poetry Day 2016


Say it with a Poem!

National Poetry Day this year is on October 6th. The theme is messages.

In my role as National Poetry Day Ambassador, but also wildlife poet, I am asking people to send me message poems to an animal, or to the world. I am imagining poems to a declining habitat, pleas from animals going extinct, apologies written from the point of view of a man or maybe an ivory hunter to the elephant, a love letter to a Llama, a note to the world, a lament about desertification, or rainforest clearance.


The only definite criterion is that it must be addressed to an animal or part of the natural world. As long as it is a message in content it can take any poetic form.

Send your poems to lizpoet @ on a WORD document, clearly marked with your name, age (if under 18) and contact details including email address, and if they are suitable they will be posted on my National Poetry Day website:

They may even appear here. There is a prize for the best poem.

Last year there were 500 MILLION tweets for National Poetry Day – tweet your poem with one of the hashtags:



If you include my Twitter name, @lizpoet, I’ll retweet as many poems as possible.

If you would like to know more about who runs and supports National Poetry Day, please go and have a look at the Forward Arts Foundation website:

Forward Arts Foundation

Here you will find posters, stamps for your message poems and other resources to download. You can also see the films I made last year for the theme of ‘light’.

poetry postmarkcol-blue-red postmark col2 red postmark col2green

This year we will be filming people reading their message poems – you never know, you may be chosen!

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